The fully customisable, adventure trail for attractions, holiday parks, retail spaces and museums. Let your customers discover your venue like never before.

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Engaging experiences

Add a family-friendly experience to your venue to allow customers to engage in a way they haven't before.

Flexible payment options

We design a unique trail tailored to suit how you run your venues and to appeal to your target customers

Custom trail structure

We design a unique trail which will be tailored to suit how your venues run and who your target customers are.

Drive footfall

Not only do our trails offer a new experience to customers, but they can also encourage customers to navigate to more out of reach areas of your store or attraction.

Works in no-signal areas

We know that signal problems can cause all sorts of issues which is why our webapp is very lightweight and will continue working even if a customer loses signal half way around.

White labelled product

Every Checkpoint trail is branded as your own, including so the user journey isn't confusing and the experience stays on brand.

Pricing Plans


Pay a fixed fee every month

Ideal for single venue operators looking for a new revenue stream which is quick to deploy. We agree an installation fee depending on your venue and you pay a fixed price every month as a licence for using Checkpoint Games. Simple and hassle free.

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Revenue share

We share in your success

By using our comprehensive backend systems or integrated payment options we work with venues on a revenue share basis. This reduces the capital outlay for you upfront and means we're incentivised to make your trail as big a success as possible.

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We'd love to hear from you to find out more about how we can help make your venue more engaging and interactive for your customers. You can call, email, use the form below or send a carrier pigeon. Whatever works for you.

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Our team is made up of creators, electronics specialists, designers illustrators and story tellers. Let us help bring your brand to life.


Alastair Watson

Chief Executive


James Stewart

Creative Director


Roderick Nixon

Head of Production


Tom Bolland

Head of Electronics


Jay Dawe



Ben Logan

CAD design


Diana Silina

Graphic design